Unravelling Brains
Unravelling Brains
84 cm x 60 cm ink on paper

The piece focuses on finding that cortical activity become less predictable under the influence of LSD. If the brain can be thought of as fixed modular processing centres with well-trodden thought pathways, LSD increases cross-talk between these centres and increases the flexibility of thought. In the piece this is represented as the individual functional brain areas being tightly wound balls of string. Under the influence of LSD these balls of string are picked apart and entangle with those from other areas. The loosening also represents the breakdown of rigid thinking. The piece references the psychedelic colour scheme reported by subjects that is caused by activation of the V1 brain area. This area is responsible for locating areas of contrasting colour and luminosity. The image also explores the idea of dissolution of the ego that many subjects report.

This artwork was created as an art/science collaboration with Professor David Nutt for Creative Reactions 2016.

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